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CAPRI - Hook shot blast machine

The hook shot blast machines type CAPRI are installations with operational flexibility, suitable for many types of work. The range of machines is very wide, so it is easy to identify the most suitable machine for any need. The functioning principle is the one of hanging the work-pieces (singly or collectively). The hook runs and rotates inside the machine exposing all the surface of the work pieces to the abrasive action from the wheels, positioned on the side of the blast chamber, patented by OMSG.

Besides the size of the shot blast chamber, the function of these machines is the loading of the hooks.

For light pieces (CAPRI M)
Standard load capacity of handling system: 300 - 1.000 Kg

A chain moves the hook inside the machine (CAPRI C)
Standard load capacity of handling system: 500 - 1.000 Kg

Chain + Hoist
Combined system for medium- large pieces (CAPRI CS)
Standard load capacity of handling system: 1.000 Kg

Handling and lifting of pieces by hoists (CAPRI H)
Standard load capacity from 2.000 to 5.000 Kg (16.000 Kg and over for special fabrications)

OMSG has in its repertoire more than 80 hook type shot blasting machines and the special installations produced in accordance to specific customer’s requirements.
The difference between the various models are:

  • Dimension of the blast chamber
  • Type and load capacity of the handling system
  • Number and power of the blast wheels installed

Among the various special installations, we can mention shot blasting machines using an overhead crane system in the department and special devices for the foundry industry such as vibrating screens and magnetic separators, etc.

Particular application fields:

  • Smaller machines : Aluminum die-casting, Magnesium castings, small steel fabrications, gears and technological treatments.
  • Medium/Large machines : forges, foundries, steel structures, gears, heat treatments, electric transformers etc.