Beltmaster K4TD-1350

Allsidig sliping,avgrading og kant avrundings maskin for metall plate deler 

Löwer BeltMaster K4TD-1350

One pass operations, depending on the setting

- Deburring, oxide removal and edge rounding in one pass
- Deburring higher parts of burrs, additional deburringand edge
   rounding in one pass
- Deburring, coarse edge rounding and finer edge rounding in one
- Deburring and edge rounding of small parts with discs only
- Finish grinding with abrasive belt only

The 360° processing principle

The work pieces are placed on a conveyor belt. The abrasive belt unit will
remove higher burrs. Two rotating discs in the centre of the machine
followed by two rotating discs at the out feed side oscillate continuously
over the full width of the work piece. Inside and outside edges are
processed from all angles and directions. The result is a uniform deburring
and edge rounding independant of the orientation of the cutting contours.
It is possible to use different disc tools in the centre and on the outfeed discs,
depending on the application.

The additional abrasive belt unit
The BeltMaster K4TD is based on our unique tried and tested Discmaster 4TD
but features an additional abrasive belt unit on the infeed side.
The abrasive belt unit  removes higher burrs or creates a grinding finish on the
material (option „variable belt speed“ required). A large variety of abrasive
belts and nylon abrasive belts are available for different applications.