Bending Standard Line

Bending Standard Line

EHRT bending machines are exceedingly powerful CNC bending machines which allow bending of single pieces and small batches just as accurately and efficiently as series-produced parts. Due to a calculated spring back compensation and the use of electronic tools, a bending accuracy of +/- 0.2° is achieved beginning with the very first piece. A plug-in system enables a quick and easy change of tools.

Work Pieces

With a bending force of 200 kN, the EB 20 CNC is able to bend materials of up to 200 mm in width and 30 mm in thickness.

Angular Measurement

Our measuring accuracy is 0.1º. This is attained by using bending prisms with electronic angular measurement technology. The computer then calculates the required final stroke. The spring back of every bend is compensated regardless of material type. Our high angle accuracy of +/- 0.2º is achieved instantly with the first work piece. No adjustments are required. Material waste amounts will drop considerably. Even inconsistencies within a single piece of material are automatically adjusted.